Congratulations to the 2021 cohort of Geographical Sciences majors and GIScience minors on a job well done!

To celebrate student achievements, the Geographical Sciences program held an end of year virtual event that featured thesis presentations, a discussion with faculty about the field, and award announcements for the Spatial Data Science Grant and the Geography Thesis Prize.


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2021 Graduates

Erin Abbott (GIScience minor)
Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Oyster Depletion in the Chesapeake Bay

Chris Copley
On the Efficacy of Urban Villages: A Longitudinal Study of Economic Decentralization and Automobile Dependence Across Four Cities and Their Villages

Jalen Jiang
Ethnoburbs Revisited: The Latest Era of Immigration Communities in Ameri an Suburbs

Isaac Kamber
Wakhan on Sunshine: A Spatial Analysis of Movement in the Wakhan Corridor

Andrew Langford
Green Tomorrowlands Or Glassy Cabrini-Greens? Megadevelopments as Long-Term Solutions to Affordable Housing Shortages

Marc Loeb
Building a Selective Permeability of Space: Urban Renewal and the Univeristy of Chicago Campus Shuttle System

Lorenz Menendez
Examining Passenger Substitution Between Ridesharing and Rail Transit for Airport Egress Trips in Chicago

Briana Morales
Analyzing the Effect of the 606: Examining Demographic and Economic Development Changes

Gabe Morrison
Urban Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification: A Quantitative Assessment of 46 American Cities

Josh Neudorf
Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Spatial Impact of Walkable Built Environment in New York City

Clyde Schwab (2021 Geographical Sciences Thesis Prize Recipient)
Gentrification in Berlin: A Novel Conceptually Driven Quantitative Approach to Evluating Anti-Displacement Legislation

Jack Colton Schwab
Politics and Experience in the Velha Republica: The Brazilian Army and the Conflicts of the 1890s


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