The Geographical Sciences undergraduate major is undergoing renovation. Further details about future curriculum and requirements will be announced in late 2021. 

First- and Second- year Students Who Are Interested In Geographical Sciences

If you are considering the  Geographical Sciences major, please sign-up to indicate your interest in the program. We will hold an information session early in Autumn Quarter to discuss the revised major requirements and to answer questions. In the meantime, if you're planning your Autumn courses, may we suggest thinking about ENST 21201 Human Impact on the Global Environment or ENST 20150 Sustainable Urban Development?

Third-and Fourth-year Students Who Have Declared the Geographical Sciences Major

If you have already declared the Geographical Sciences major you will receive guidelines on how to complete your major program. Curricular requirements can be found here.


Please contact Professor Neil Brenner ( or Jamie Gentry ( with questions.