Join us for GIS Day events on Wednesday, November 18, 2020


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9-10:30AM CDT
(Workshop)Introduction to ArcPy and ArcGIS API
Parmanand Sinha, PhD, Computational Scientist, UChicago Research Computing Center

Attendees will learn automation of basic geoprocessing, and introductory level webgis scripting  with Python. This is a hands-on style workshop with exercises designed to teach basic geoprocessing operations used in spatial data science and visualization. 

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11AM-12:00PM CDT
(Talk) Mapping Data Big and Small: Interactive Tech and Techniques 
for Exploring and Representing Complexity

Dylan Halpern, MCP, UChicago Center for Spatial Data Science

New interactive libraries afford larger scales of data and levels of complexity, and advances in availability and accuracy of sensing provide new insights on human activity, built, and natural environments. How and when are these tools and data best applied? How do increasingly powerful client-side computers -- in your pocket or on your desk -- change what web maps can do? This talk showcases recent interactive geospatial work from Dylan and introduces powerful tools and tips for using web technologies to explore and describe the world around us. Projects discussed include:

  • Mapping changes in soundscapes in parks around the world before and during COVID-19
  • Understanding mobility and commercial impacts of COVID-19 in Somerville, Massachusetts
  • Quantifying the diversity of urban forests in eight global city centers and outlying areas
  • Tools discussed: and, Mapbox/Leaflet, Cell Phone Mobility Data (Safegraph, Cuebiq, Mapbox)

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(Workshop) Navigating QGIS

Cecilia Smith, PhD, GIS and Maps Librarian, UChicago Libraries

This workshop will introduce you to digital mapping in QGIS, a free and open source geographic information system (GIS) software. The session will cover software navigation, spatial data manipulation, and creating your first map. The session will be co-taught by Cecilia Smith, GIS & Maps Librarian, and Bibind Vasu, Hanna Holborn Gray Graduate Student Fellow for GIS Instruction.

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GIS day is co-sponsored by the Center for Spatial Data Science, the University of Chicago Research Computing Center, the Minor program in Geographic Information Science, the University of Chicago Library, and the Tobler Society.

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