The Committee on Geographical Studies The University of Chicago

List of Publications

University of Chicago Geography Research Papers

First series (unnumbered)

garland, john henry. Occupance of the Eastern Segment of the Middle Ohio Valley, 1940.

wrigley, robert l. The Occupational Structure of Pocatello, Idaho, 1942.

schockel, bernard h. Manufactural Evansville, 1820-1933, 1947.

ballert, albert george. The Primary Functions of Toledo, Ohio, 1947.

calef, wesley carr. Land Associations and Occupance Problems in the Uinta County, 1948.

richards, wilfrid gladstone. The Settlement of the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio, 1948.

Second series (numbered)

1. gross, herbert henry. Educational Land Use in the River Forest-Oak Park Community (Illinois), 1948.

2. eisen, edna b. Educational Land Use in Lake County, Ohio, 1948.

3. weigend, guido gustav. The Cultural Pattern of South Tyrol (Italy), 1949.

4. nelson, howard joseph. The Livelihood Structure of Des Moines, Iowa, 1949.

5. matthews, james swinton. Expressions of Urbanism in the Sequent Occupance of Northeastern Ohio, 1949.

6. ginsburg, norton sydney. Japanese Prewar Trade and Shipping in the Oriental Triangle, 1949.

7. kemler, john h. The Struggle for Wolfram in the Iberian Peninsula, June, 1942-June, 1944: A Study in Political and Economic Geography in Wartime, 1949.

8. philbrick, allen k. The Geography of Education in the Winnetka and Bridgeport Communities of Metropolitan Chicago, 1949.

9. bradley, virginia. Functional Patterns in the Guadalupe Counties of the Edwards Plateau, 1949.

10. harris, chauncy d. and fellmann, jerome donald. A Union List of Geographical Serials, 1950.

11. de meirleir, marcel j. Manufactural Occupance in the West Central Area of Chicago, 1950.

12. fellmann, jerome donald. Truck Transportation Patterns of Chicago, 1950.

13. hotchkiss, wesley akin. Areal Pattern of Religious Institutions in Cincinnati, 1950.

14. harper, robert alexander. Recreational Occupance of the Moraine Lake Region of Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, 1950.

15. wheeler, jesse harrison, jr. Land Use in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, 1950.

16. mcgaugh, maurice edron. The Settlement of the Saginaw Basin, 1950.

17. watterson, arthur weldon. Economy and Land Use Patterns of McLean County, Illinois, 1950.

18. horbaly, william. Agricultural Conditions in Czechoslovakia, 1950, 1951.

19. guest, buddy ross. Resource Use and Associated Problems in the Upper Cimarron Area, 1951.

20. sorensen, clarence woodrow. The Internal Structure of the Springfield, Illinois, Urbanized Area, 1951.

21. munger, edwin s. Relational Patterns of Kampala, Uganda, 1951.

22. khalaf, jassim m. The Water Resources of the Lower Colorado River Basin, 1951.

23. gulick, luther h. Rural Occupance in Utuado and Jayuya Municipios, Puerto Rico, 1952.

24. taaffe, edward james. The Air Passenger Hinterland of Chicago, 1952.

25. krause, annemarie elisabeth. Mennonite Settlement in the Paraguayan Chaco, 1952.

26. hamming, edward. The Port of Milwaukee, 1952.

27. cramer, robert eli. Manufacturing Structure of the Cicero District, Metropolitan Chicago, 1952.

28. pierson, william h. The Geography of the Bellingham Lowland, Washington, 1953.

29. white, gilbert f. Human Adjustment to Floods: A Geographical Approach to the Flood Problem in the United States, 1953.

30. osborn, david g. Geographical Features of the Automation of Industry, 1953.

31. thoman, richard s. The Changing Occupance Pattern of the Tri-State Area, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, 1953.

32. ericksen, sheldon d. Occupance in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon, 1953.

33. kenyon, james b. The Industrialization of the Skokie Area, 1954.

34. phillips, paul grounds. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Prolegomena to a Technical Assistance Program, 1954.

35. carmin, robert leighton. Anápolis, Brazil: Regional Capital of an Agricultural Frontier, 1953.

36. gold, robert n. Manufacturing Structure and Pattern of the South Bend-Mishawaka Area, 1954.

37. sisco, paul hardeman. The Retail Function of Memphis, 1954.

38. van dongen, irene s. The British East African Transport Complex, 1954.

39. friedmann, john r. p. The Spatial Structure of Economic Development in the Tennessee Valley, 1955.

40. grotewold, andreas. Regional Changes in Corn Production in the United States from 1909 to 1949, 1955.

41. bjorklund, e. m. Focus on Adelaide--Functional Organization of the Adelaide Region, Australia, 1955.

42. ford, robert n. A Resource Use Analysis and Evaluation of the Everglades Agricultural Area, 1956.

43. christensen, david e. Rural Occupance in Transition: Sumter and Lee Counties, Georgia, 1956.

44. guzmán, louis e. Farming and Farmlands in Panama, 1956.

45. zadrozny, mitchell g. Water Utilization in the Middle Mississippi Valley, 1956.

46. ahmed, g. munir. Manufacturing Structure and Pattern of Waukegan-North Chicago, 1957.

47. randall, darrell. Factors of Economic Development and the Okovango Delta, 1956.

48. boxer, baruch. Israeli Shipping and Foreign Trade, 1957.

49. mayer, harold m. The Port of Chicago and the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1957.

50. pattison, william d. Beginnings of the American Rectangular Land Survey System, 1784-1800, 1957. 2d printing 1963.

51. brown, robert harold. Political Areal-Functional Organization: With Special Reference to St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1957.

52. beyer, jacquelyn. Integration of Grazing and Crop Agriculture: Resources Management Problems in the Uncompahgre Valley Irrigation Project, 1957.

53. ackerman, edward a. Geography as a Fundamental Research Discipline, 1958.

54. al-khashab, wafiq hussain. The Water Budget of the Tigris and Euphrates Basin, 1958.

55. larimore, ann evans. The Alien Town: Patterns of Settlement in Busoga, Uganda, 1958.

56. murphy, francis c. Regulating Flood-Plain Development, 1958.

57. white, gilbert f., et al. Changes in Urban Occupance of Flood Plains in the United States, 1958.

58. colby, mary mc rae. The Geographic Structure of Southeastern North Carolina, 1958.

59. megee, mary catherine. Monterrey, Mexico: Internal Patterns and External Relations, 1958.

60. weber, dickinson. A Comparison of Two Oil City Business Centers (Odessa-Midland, Texas), 1958.

61. platt, robert s. Field Study in American Geography, 1959.

62. ginsburg, norton, editor. Essays on Geography and Economic Development, 1960.

63. harris, chauncy d. and fellmann, jerome d. International List of Geographical Serials, 1960.

64. taaffe, robert n. Rail Transportation and the Economic Development of Soviet Central Asia, 1960.

65. sheaffer, john r. Flood Proofing: An Element in a Flood Damage Reduction Program, 1960.

66. rodgers, allan l. The Industrial Geography of the Port of Genova, 1960.

67. kenyon, james b. Industrial Localization and Metropolitan Growth: The Paterson-Passaic District, 1960.

68. ginsburg, norton. An Atlas of Economic Development, 1961.

69. church, martha. Spatial Organization of Electric Power Territories in Massachusetts, 1960.

70. white, gilbert f., et al. Papers on Flood Problems, 1961.

71. gilbert, e. w. The University Town in England and West Germany, 1961.

72. boxer, baruch. Ocean Shipping in the Evolution of Hong Kong, 1961.

73. robinson, ira m. New Industrial Towns on Canada's Resource Frontier, 1962 (Research Paper No. 4, Program of Education and Research in Planning, The University of Chicago.).

74. trotter, john e. State Park System in Illinois, 1962.

75. burton, ian. Types of Agricultural Occupance of Flood Plains in the United States, 1962.

76. pred, allan. The External Relations of Cities during 'Industrial Revolution', 1962.

77. barrows, harlan h. Lectures on the Historical Geography of the United States as Given in 1933. Edited by william a. koelsch., 1962.

78. kates, robert william. Hazard and Choice Perception in Flood Plain Management, 1962.

79. hudson, james. Irrigation Water Use in the Utah Valley, Utah, 1962.

80. zelinsky, wilbur. A Bibliographic Guide to Population Geography, 1962.

81. draine, edwin h. Import Traffic of Chicago and Its Hinterland, 1963.

82. kolars, john f. Tradition, Season, and Change in a Turkish Village, 1963.

83. wikkramatileke, rudolph. Southeast Ceylon: Trends and Problems in Agricultural Settlement, 1963.

84. kansky, k. j. Structure of Transportation Networks: Relationships between Network Geometry and Regional Characteristics, 1963.

85. berry, brian j. l. Commercial Structure and Commercial Blight, 1963.

86. berry, brian j. l. and tennant, robert j. Chicago Commercial Reference Handbook, 1963.

87. berry, brian j. l. and hankins, thomas d. A Bibliographic Guide to the Economic Regions of the United States, 1963.

88. marcus, melvin g. Climate-Glacier Studies in the Juneau Ice Field Region, Alaska, 1964.

89. smole, william j. Owner-Cultivatorship in Middle Chile, 1964.

90. helvig, magne. Chicago's External Truck Movements: Spatial Interaction between the Chicago Area and Its Hinterland, 1964.

91. hill, a. david. The Changing Landscape of a Mexican Municipio, Villa Las Rosas, Chiapas NAS-NRC Foreign Field Research Program Report No. 26., 1964.

92. simmons, james w. The Changing Pattern of Retail Location, 1964.

93. white, gilbert f. Choice of Adjustment to Floods, 1964.

94. mcmanis, douglas r. The Initial Evaluation and Utilization of the Illinois Prairies, 1815-1840, 1964.

95. perle, eugene d. The Demand for Transportation: Regional and Commodity Studies in the United States, 1964.

96. harris, chauncy d. Annotated World List of Selected Current Geographic Serials in English, 1964.

97. bowden, leonard w. Diffusion of the Decision To Irrigate: Simulation of the Spread of a New Resource Management Practice in the Colorado Northern High Plains, 1965.

98. kates, robert w. Industrial Flood Losses: Damage Estimation in the Lehigh Valley, 1965.

99. roder, wolf. The Sabi Valley Irrigation Projects, 1965.

100. sewell, w. r. derrick. Water Management and Floods in the Fraser River Basin, 1965.

101. ray, d. michael. Market Potential and Economic Shadow: A Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Location in Southern Ontario, 1965.

102. ahmad, qazi. Indian Cities: Characteristics and Correlates, 1965.

103. barnum, h. gardiner. Market Centers and Hinterlands in Bade-Württemberg, 1966.

104. simmons, james w. Toronto's Changing Retail Complex, 1966.

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Large-Scale Cartography

"At Home Downtown: The Residential Transformation of Chicago's New Global-Era Core, 1985-2005" (with N. M. Dahmann and T. J. Schuble). Chicago: Committee on Geographical Studies, The University of Chicago, 2006. Scale 1:10,000. 25.5" x 33." A full-color map showing the distribution of six residential building types built during this period ascertained from fieldwork and municipal records, using a base map of building footprints and street lines drawn from the City of Chicago GIS. The bounds of the area depicted are Lake Michigan, North Avenue, Ashland Avenue, and 31st Street.