The Committee on Geographical Studies The University of Chicago

Marvin Mikesell

Marvin W. Mikesell

Professor of Geography

Undergraduate Chairman, Committee on Geographical Studies

Member, Editorial Board, University of Chicago Geography Research Papers Series, University of Chicago Press

Department Chairman, 1969-74, 1984-86

Member, Council of the University Senate, 1872-75, Executive Committee, 1973-74

Member, Board on Continuing Education, 1984-86

Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, 1959 (Geography)

President, Association of American Geographers (1975-76, Vice-President 1974-75)

Editor, Monograph Series, Association of American Geographers (1966-72)

Honorary Fellow, American Geographical Society (1969)

Distinguished Career Award, Association of American Geographers (1995)

Visiting Professor, University of California-Berkeley (Summer 1961, 1971); University of Washington (Summer, 1962); Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (Spring 1981)

Field Work Abroad: Morocco (1955-57), Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan (1962-63), Turkey (1964), Israel and adjacent "West Bank" areas (1981)

Selected Publications

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